McDonald's Enjoy Fast, Effective and Accurate Results

McDonald’s Australia is the largest quick service restaurant operation in the country, and one of the largest employers in Australia having employed over 5% of the Australian population!

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McDonald's Enjoy Fast, Effective and Accurate Results
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Who needs an introduction to Macca’s? One of the most well-known brands across the globe! McDonald’s Australia has been recognised as an Employer of Choice in the 2018 and 2019 Australian Business Awards. This is an award that acknowledges organisations that have developed leading workplaces and employee programs.

McDonald’s prides itself on being much more than just a place that serves burgers and fries, As an employer, McDonald’s strives to provide an opportunity for any employee with the appetite to grow, and fosters a culture of innovation. 

People are at the heart of their success, so hiring for 14 different departments across a broad spectrum of disciplines can be quite a daunting task. In 2019, to improve their source-to-hire capabilities, McDonald's Australia switched to SmartRecruiters, a modern, global enterprise Talent Acquisition Suite designed to deliver hiring success outcomes at scale. With its over 600 pre-integrated marketplace vendors, SmartRecruiters provided the perfect flexible, yet robust foundation for a best-in-class referral process through Xref. We interviewed Erin and Emma from the corporate TA team at McDonald’s Australia to find out how online reference checking has helped their recruitment process; here is what they had to say:

What are your hiring challenges?

McDonald’s has been quite active with its hiring, even during the pandemic. This also presents several challenges, such as a high volume of applications and a diverse range of candidates applying for our roles. While the numbers are great for the recruiting team, it’s time-consuming to scan through all the applications that pour in and equally cumbersome to reference check the candidates that get selected.

We believe that people are our greatest asset, which is why we need to have all the boxes ticked to make the final offer to the candidate, especially if it's for a senior role. Manual calling and connecting with referees is always a tedious task, and we have to be sure that we’re speaking with the right person.  

How has the switch from manual to automated helped you?

We relied on phone-based calling and manually recording the feedback shared by referees. Moving to an automated solution has helped us save time and bring better overall efficiency to our reference checking process. 

With manual calling, we don't always know who we’re talking to, but with fraud detection in place, we have the assurance of the data that we’re receiving and its accuracy.

What impact has the integration had on your team?

The integration is easy to use, and we don't have to take notes or summarise the information for the hiring manager. We often have candidates who wish to invite referees from other countries to complete their reference checks, and with Xref it’s simple as we simply press the button, go to sleep and receive a response by morning. We, of course, review this information and add insights before sharing with our hiring managers, but the seamless ease of retrieving the data is life-changing.

The SmartRecruiters and Xref integration allows us to access our entire recruitment process from one place. We’re able to have everything saved in one platform, which is helpful and time-saving. The ability of the referee to provide a first-hand response and answer a wide range of questions is a huge advantage. It's nice to be able to have the manager access the report directly at their convenience through Smart Recruiters. 

It’s made our process fast and accurate. Managers love the modern feel. The ease of use combined with the support offered by both companies is fantastic.


For a company like McDonald’s that strives to be the leader in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, employees make a difference in the quality of customer experience offered. 

The TA team faces a massive challenge in recruiting for their 14 departments which prompted them to move from a manual set up to an automated reference checking system. SmartRecruiters and Xref together as an integration solution have provided “fast and effective results”, allowing data to be secure and stored in one place. Online reference checking has made the process of reaching out to referees easy (especially those who are in different time zones). The fraud detection functionality has given an extra level of assurance on the quality of feedback. 

We’re delighted to hear from Erin when she describes Xref as a speedy and accurate tool that helps her do the best job possible for the business!

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