Make great hires without cutting corners.

We understand that the people you hire in hospitality are the face of your business. But with high turnover rates and an urgent need to fill roles, it can be hard to get it right. 

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Xref makes it easier for hospitality businesses to…

Verify the who, what and when.

One platform for all of ID, background, reference checks (and more), working across time zones, in multiple languages, for high-quality candidate verification, faster than ever before.

Manage high-volume hiring.

Continue to do your due diligence during peak hiring periods with Xref’s bulk referencing feature - reference up to 100 candidates at a time, with no extra administration.

Reduce time-to-hire.

Fully automate your processes to save your team hours on each hire, removing the burden of managing multiple systems and manually chasing reference checks.

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Changing hiring in Hospitality across the globe.

 “Typically, more than 50 percent of our references are returned outside of business hours – in hospitality, that’s when most of our referees are more readily available. Now we can have the job done overnight when the team are away from the office, which is a huge benefit and time saver.” 

Amanda Tolley, General Manager-Talent, Sky City

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Join thousands of organisations, hiring with confidence.
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Features for Hospitality

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