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[WATCH WEBINAR] Verifying New Hires You’ve Never Met

Some best practices for verifying new hires remotely

Working remotely isn’t new or bad, it’s a different way of working for a large percentage of the population but it could become a new norm and a better way of operating should this “experiment” go well.

With the reference and onboarding processes moving to a remote process, we felt it was important to discuss the themes and trends of verification in virtual space.

Xref CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour, caught up with RapidID's Founder and General Manager, Ash Hoey, and Director, David Haines, to explore best practices for verifying new hires remotely.

Watch the interview on-demand for insight into a variety of questions regarding remote verification including:

  • What trends were you seeing in ID verification pre COVID-19?
  • Do you think the recruitment industry is late to the game?
  • What should companies be looking for in an ID verification system?
  • How will COVID-19 change the way we verify candidates?
  • Are there any sectors doing continuous checking?

They also share positive stories that have come from this challenging period of time during COVID-19. Take some time to watch this on demand webinar and hear the answers and insights.

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